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Microjet tuning with surface channel surface coatings

Microscale glass channels produce microjets when a laser boils a portion of liquid at the channel end. We change how the jets break apart and their trajectory by putting hydrophobic strips on the hydrophilic glass.


A very fruitful collaboration with David Fernandez Rivas and his team at the University of Twente!

Twin impacting drops
Nozzle elasticity can promote jet stability

Jet stability, or break-up, is greatly affected by the elasticity of the orifice from which the jet ensues. In this study, we turn the page in traditional jet studies to allow the traditional rigid nozzle to flex with flow.

Elastic nozzles
How do the splashes of twin drops interact?
Twin impacting drops
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Twin impact drops interact both subsurface and super-surface, an interaction that depends on their impact momentum and spacing. 

How does mammal fur stay clean?

Have you ever seen algae or slime growing on a beaver or otter? No! Animal fur is antifouling! The antifouling nature of fur is multiphysical, complex, and best characterized by a large combination of variables.

Fouling of fur
Raindrops on pine needles