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Here we celebrate the young researchers of the Dickerson Lab who share their work at conferences, poster showcases, and more!

EUReCA 2024

Presenters: Syed Jaffar Raza, Joshua Watkins, Agustin Soto, Emma Ferber, Connor Traynor, Hannah Sebek, Aidan Holihan, Hannah Osman
Mentor: Gene Rible
April 23

AIAA Conference 2024, Kennedy Space Center, FL

Presenters: Emma Ferber, Hannah Sebek, Joshua Watkins, Connor Traynor        Mentor: Gene Rible
April 4-5

SASE 2024

Presenter: Brooklyn Bowman (Powell High School)          Mentors: Bre Shaeffer, Beth Mooney
February 28

EUReCA 2023

Presenters: Aidan Holihan, Hannah Sebek, Vicky Chakpuang          Mentor: Gene Rible
April 25

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